What will BusyDAO ecosystem platforms look like?


BusyDAO engine consists of 3 main parts, BusyDAO chaincode, BusyDAO wallet with integrated staking solution, and BusyDAO open-source platform engine.

In the case of the BusyDAO open-source platform engine final look and utility solely depend on users wich can develop unlimited versions of the original solution and change it to serve their use case.

But the main frame will be based on BusyDAO original Engine solution that consists of main properties like Utility Staking, Antispam messaging, Quality over Quantity Staking Engine, contract creation, and decentralized dispute Engine.

These properties can be applied to a broad spectrum of platforms that can serve the next generation of e-commerce that will be based on DAO Engine and values.

You can find further descriptions in the BusyDAO whitepaper.: https://busydao.io/attachments/white-paper.pdf


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