BusyXChain is audited now!


We are proud to announce the audit has been completed❗️🥳🎉 There is no surprise #BusyXChain passed another huge test with flying colours ✅ $BUSY is heading towards the next goal… the #MAINNET and providing the next generation DAO #blockchain to make the world a better place 🚀

We are delighted to release the completed BusyXChain audit finalised by a blockchain specialised company CyStack. There were found two low issues and a few recommendations. Both issues and suggestions were successfully implemented, and the BusyXChain solution was revalidated with NO ISSUES🥳. Now, we are preparing the Community Testing V2 for BusyDAO, after which will be Busy MAINNET. Stay tuned for the near future.

See the full report here: https://cystack.net/projects/busyxchain


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