Busy DAO will no longer support Meta products


Hi busy people, $BUSY stands on the values of #decentralization#FreeSpeech and #privacy. For this reason, our team chose to stop supporting @Meta products like #Instagram and #Facebook and focused only on X, @X is from mainstream channels most in synergy with our values💯 Announcement: https://x.com/BUSY_DAO/status/1741425378739069303?s=20 Read more

What will BusyDAO ecosystem platforms look like?


BusyDAO engine consists of 3 main parts, BusyDAO chaincode, BusyDAO wallet with integrated staking solution, and BusyDAO open-source platform engine. In the case of the BusyDAO open-source platform engine final look and utility solely depend on users wich can develop unlimited versions of the original solution and change it to serve their use case. But […] Read more

$BUSY token will no longer be available on Uniswap


📢As mainnet launch preparations start our team will be focused only on partners that can provide support for our main network🌐For this reason, we removed $BUSY from Uniswap. Please migrate to our reputable partner Gate.io💯🚀 🔁Trade $BUSY on https://gate.io/trade/BUSY_USDT Announcement: https://x.com/BUSY_DAO/status/1740366244312916217?s=20 Read more

Is BusyEngine Open-Source?


Not yet, The BusyDAO engine is now in the development stage where we allow only verified teams and team members to participate in development. After an initial series of testing audits and a final release, Part of the BusyDAO engine will be released to the public as an open-source engine and everyone will be able […] Read more

Can I participate in development?


Not yet, to ensure maximum security, at this stage of development. Team members are thoroughly screened and all parts of the solution will be thoroughly audited several times. But after parts of the BusyDAO solution are made available as an open-source engine, anybody can upgrade it to their needs and purposes. Read more

What is the decentralized dispute function?


decentralized dispute as part of the BusyDAO platform engine is one of the crucial parts of achieving a truly decentralized (DAO) platform. This function allows and randomizes other platform users and allows them to work like a jury to resolve disputes of other users. Read more

What is NFT protection?


NFT protection is a special function that is part of BusyDAO open-source platform engine (in development) that allows any platform user to protect their work for (example photos) with NFT timestamp. This function can prevent any misunderstanding regards the original author of the work and can be a valid argument in case of decentralized dispute. […] Read more

When will be next round of Community testing?


The next rounds of community testing are planned for early 2024. Read more

Do BusyDAO devs use GitHub?


In the past, BusyDAO used GitHub for public repositories like ERC-20 Smart Contract and packages for marketing like sets of logos pictures, etc. BusyDAO dev team primarily uses GitLab private repositories and internal servers for security purposes.Any part of the solution that will be completed or open source will be uploaded also to the GitHub […] Read more

What is Utility Staking?


Utility staking is one of main functions of the BusyDAO platform engine that enables users to be part of the BusyDAO ecosystem platforms based on the staked amount in the BusyDAO wallet. More about Utility Staking: https://busydao.io/attachments/white-paper.pdf Read more

Where I can download the BusyDAO wallet?


For now, the BusyDAO wallet isn’t available for download, BusyDAO wallet is constantly developed and updated.During our latest community testing old version of the BusyDAO wallet was available for the public to test.The updated version of the BusyDAO wallet will be part of the next texting rounds planned for 2024. Read more

What is BusyDAO antispam?


BusyDAO antispam is the feature of the BusyDAO platform Engine that protects platform users from unwanted messages (spam) with a simple but highly effective solution. Every message on the platform is carried together with $BUSY (coin) not like a fee but like a message carrier.If the user (User1) writes to another user it automatically sends […] Read more

How can I see BusyDAO Testnet blocks and transactions?


Visit https://explorer.testnet.busydao.io/ to see all data that runs on BusyDAO Testnet including blocks, transactions, wallets, staking, and tokens. Read more

About BusyDAO Engine staking and phases


The Busy staking model differs from the standard staking models. The reason is simple: Busy benefits active users and naturally eliminates non-active users. This is one of the main parts of the unique BusyDAO engine. You can read more about the life-cycle phase from the Platform perspective here. General staking details From the crypto and […] Read more

Where can I find detailed product description?


You can check BusyDAO’s whitepaper here: https://busydao.io/attachments/white-paper.pdf Read more