What is BusyDAO antispam?


BusyDAO antispam is the feature of the BusyDAO platform Engine that protects platform users from unwanted messages (spam) with a simple but highly effective solution.

Every message on the platform is carried together with $BUSY (coin) not like a fee but like a message carrier.
If the user (User1) writes to another user it automatically sends one $BUSY with the message, If the recipient of the message (User2) responds to (User1) it will automatically send $BUSY back to (User1)

for simplification, you can picture $BUSY like a pigeon with a letter.

If any user wants to spam other users and other users don’t respond (people usually do not respond to spam) spamming user will quickly be short of funds and demotivated to continue with this activity.

More about Antispam: https://busydao.io/attachments/white-paper.pdf


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