Hello All,

As we have promised, we are here with more information about diversification.

As the project grows, we must make changes to focus entirely on every detail. DAO can’t do everything.

Our leading solution $BUSY DAO platform requires more focus on development and marketing to push our platform into a mainstream solution and ideally conquer the industry   with our DAO solution. 

As our technology has evolved, creating the need for additional functionality and the need to  diversify and isolate excessive project functions outside the DAO solution. We have decided to incorporate these additional functions into the new project, BusyXChain that will entirely focus on additional functionality and DAO on its development to achieve its full potential.

Diversification allows us to separate teams and hire new experts focused on a particular project. Below, you can find the functions and parts of each of the projects.

Original DAO and engine functions:

  • BusyDAO mainnet chaincode
  • DAO Governance
  • Phases and slots mechanisms
  • Utility staking 33% p.a.
  • Desktop/mobile wallet
  • Freelance Platform
  • Antispam messaging
  • NFT protection
  • Smart contract-based contract creation
  • Smart contract-based dispute

New functions placed into the BusyXChain:

  • Blockchain network infrastructure
  • Channel solution
  • Custom tokens creation
  • Desktop wallet with the token creator
  • Smart contracts

All mentioned parts are newly developed under separate projects powered by different assets: The original BusyDAO engine solution ($BUSY) and the new solution BusyXChain.

Rest assured, we remain fully committed to both projects and will endeavour to work diligently to ensure that we deliver only the best for our community.


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